Primary School Roast Dinner from $15.00ph.

Important: This meal is for Grade 6 graduations ONLY.

Buffet Tables, Tables Cloths for buffet, Stainless Steel Cutlery, Melamine Plates(mains and Sweets), Serviettes ( your choice of colour)
Meats Carved at the buffet table

Choose 2 Roast Meats:

Chicken, Ham, Pork, Beef

HOMEMADE  Gluten Free Gravy and Condiments

Choose 4 Vegetables:

Roast Potato, Potato Bake, Chat potato, Roast Pumpkin, Honey Carrots, Bacon Beans, Peas & Corn (mixed),Corn Gobbets

Dinner Rolls & Butter Portions

Choose 2 Salads:

Tossed Salad , Coleslaw Coleslaw Salad , Potato & Bacon Salad, Wombok Salad, Curry Egg Salad ( mild)

Choose 3 Sweets:

Pavlova & Fresh Fruit Salad, Chocolate Mud Cake, Cheesecake ( strawberry, Chocolate Crunch) Trifle, Apple Crumble, Apple Pie, Fresh Fruit Platter. Caramel Tartlets
Sweets can be accompanied with assorted Jellies, Ice Cream, Custard or Cream.

Adults, 60 and over: $34.00 Per head

Adults 30 to 49 $ 36.00 per head
Children 6 – 12 years: $15.00 Per head

Special requirements can be catered for

Valid until June 2024

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