BBQ Menu from $32.50 per head


Rib Fillet (marinated ), Home-made Rissoles, Sausages (Beef ), BBQ Meat Ball Kebabs, Pork Spare Ribs Marinated
Onions & Tomato and B.B.Q. Sauce

Hamburger Buns


Lettuce, Tomato, Beetroot, Coleslaw, Wombok Salad, Potato Salad
Add Potato Bake $4.50 extra per head

Fresh Fruit Platter


Good quality disposable plates cutlery and serviettes
(Cook your own meats, supplied uncooked)
30 to 59 adults: $32.50 per head


Stainless Steel Cutlery (Mains Only)
Buffet Tables, Table cloths for buffet & serviettes, Melamine Plates

I require to be under cover with good lighting

60 adults and over (melamine plates): $35.00
30 AdultsĀ to 59 adultsĀ (melamine plates): $38.50
Children 6 year to 12 years: Half price
Children 2-5 years $3.50 per head

Sweets are available from the Aussie Buffet

Choose 2 @ $3.50 per head. Melamine plates and stainless-steel spoons

Special requirements are catered for

Valid until June 2025

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